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Tree Surgery - Arboriculture

If you have been searching for a reputable, knowledgeable tree service, one that is capable of handling any size tree removal or tree care project, then you have found the right company. We are tree surgeons in Cornwall with many years of industry experience and provide tree work to both Private and commercial customers.

As Arboricultural Contractors in Cornwall, we take great care in training our staff to the highest standards in Health and Safety so that our tree surgeons respect not only the environment we are working in but also any area we may be impacting by ensuring public safety at all times and that you, our clients, are safe. We only employee Fully Qualified, Highly Skilled Tree Surgeons and we are Insured so you can rest assured your in safe hands. In addition, all the organic waste produced by our staff during a job is either recycled or disposed of responsibly.

The Lawn Ranger South West Ltd undertakes arboriculture for residential customers, local authorities and commercial businesses in a way which minimises disturbance to people and business operations.

10 Reasons to Choose Us

Apart from First Class Services and great Value for Money we offer free quotations and advice on all aspects of tree work and arboriculture. Listed below are 10 more fantastic reasons to use The Lawn Ranger South West Ltd for all your Tree Surgery needs.

  1. 1. We're Passionate about what we do - It all begins with a Passion for Arboriculture and Pride for every job we do, be it big or small
  2. 2. Whatever the Job we're here to help - We're a dedicated, family run business. No job's too big for us. We care about Helping YOU and ensuring your Trees are looked after in a Responsible way
  3. 3. We're Fully Qualified - Our tree surgeons are all Fully Qualified, have many years experience and are Insured so you can rest assured your in safe hands
  4. 4. Get a FREE Quote & Expert Advice - We offer FREE Quotations and Honest Advice with no obligation
  5. 5. You get Great Value - Our prices are competitive and fair. We encourage our customers to seek other quotations and advice because we are confident that they will not find a better offer
  6. 6. We're Recommended - We receive an abundance of positive feedback from Happy Customers (please read our testimonials). People come back to us time and time again and recommend us to friends and family
  7. 7. We're Green - We Recycle 100% of all of our reusable wood
  8. 8. We're Honest Professionals - We ensure the client fully understands the work we are about to undertake and how it will look when it is finished.
  9. 9. We're Respectful of your Neighbours & the Surrounding Area - We assure minimal disturbance to gardens and surrounding areas
  10. 10. We leave without leaving a Mess - We leave the site Tidy and presentable like it was before work commenced


We understand how concerning Dangerous Trees can be. That's why we take great care in ensuring that Emergency calls are dealt with priority and urgency. The Lawn Ranger South West Ltd will come to your rescue be it Weekends, Evenings and even Bank Holidays.

Tree Care

The Lawn Ranger South West Ltd Tree Services provide a comprehensive tree care service. The goal of tree care is to maintain or improve the structure, appearance, vitality, and safety of your trees. With tree care, we look for ways to fix, preserve, and increase the health of your trees rather than removing them.

Tree Felling/Removal

Any size of tree in any location including dismantling of dangerous trees or trees in confined spaces. We use various techniques when it comes to tree removal. Rarely do we have enough space to fell a tree in one, so most trees are dismantled using lowering systems, free fall branch removal or a crane.


Coppicing is a technique that encourages healthy tree growth by repeatedly cutting tree shoots to near ground-level. After a few years, the coppiced area can be harvested for wood and the cycle can begin again. Much in the same way that a farmer rotates the crops that are grown on the farm, coppiced areas of the wood are also dealt with on a rotation basis so that each year there is always somewhere in the coppiced area that can be harvested.

Crown Lifting

Removing lower branches to increase light and space in your garden. This is really effective way of creating more light and at the same time retaining the trees natural shape of canopy. One other benefit is that the tree is often much more open at the bottom enabling you to see right up into the canopy.

Sectional Dismantle

One of our qualified tree climbers goes up the tree using rope and harness and dismantles the tree and lowers the branches down by rope. This is done to trees that are in confined areas such as small gardens

Stump Removal

We use modern purpose built 'stump grinders' which are much more efficient than digging out stumps resulting in cheaper prices. After a tree has been removed the stump is often in the way and will not rot away for many years. Grinding the stump will enable you to re-plant in the same location or simply turf over the area.


Managing the shape or size of a tree or shrub at any stage of its life. When executed correctly, pruning can offer a variety of benefits to trees that include improved health and appearance, enhanced views, and even increased flowering. This could be a simple job of formative pruning fruit tree. Or reducing branches away from buildings and utility lines.

Crown Reductions

To reduce the height or spread of the crown of the tree by the removal of the ends of the branches whilst maintaining the tree's natural shape as far as practicable. This is a good way to provide more light to your property or making a tree safe as this will reduce the sail.


If you have a tree removed, it is a good idea to plant a new tree as a replacement. If you would like some help choosing the perfect tree for a certain location we are more than happy to help. There are hundreds of species to choose from and it is good to know the characteristics of a tree and how big it will get.

Hedge Work

We provide a high standard of hedge trimming and hedge reduction. Lowering the height of a hedge is a great way to let in more light in to your garden and reducing back the width of a hedge can increase the size of your garden. It is wise to trim hedges annually as this prevents the size of the hedge from increasing

Trees Surveys & Reports

If you own a tree or trees which are situated next to the public highway, paths, buildings or public areas, it is a good idea to have a tree survey carried out as the owner is liable for any damage caused by a tree failing. The survey will identify any unsafe trees and state which remedial work is needed.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead branches is important for safety reasons and can improve the appearance of a tree. Dead wood can cause a fair amount of damage to property if fallen from a height. Also when dead branches fall they can damage lower branches and make them unsafe.

We also supply fire wood and wood chip - All of the branches and debris from the tree work is put through a wood chipper which then gives us sellable product known as wood chip mulch.

The wood chip is stored in heaps for 12 months until it is ready for use as an excellent weed suppressant. One truck load of woodchips is approximately 5 - 6 cubic metres

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